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About Lisa Greenspan

Lisa Greenspan has been a compassionate and accomplished healer/teacher for over three decades.  Her innate love of nature, her gift of intuition and deep spiritual awareness have been her greatest attributes in her practice. She has dedicated her life to helping people find peace and purpose in their lives.   She and her husband Kevin have worked together for 21 years at Greenspan Family Wellness Center in Black Mountain, NC (15 minutes EAST of Asheville, NC) Her knowledge of nutrition and herbs are often integrated into her healing practice.   The basic triune of care comes from her ability to receive each client with unconditional love, non-judgment and equality.

"Energy Medicine  brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down."   Donna Eden of Energy Medicine University

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." Albert Szent-Gyorgi, M.D.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine

"Energy Medicine at it's foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue and organs."  David Feinstein, Ph.D.  Energy Psychologist and Author

About the sessions

When we meet, it is always a new unfolding that is directed by your intentions to discover what you are wanting for your self and your soul.  You can expect to remain fully clothed and to receive verbal reflections and physical touch that is compassionate and respectful. Together we will find a pattern of resistance that is being held within the body's field of energy so the client will fully know where this resistance or dense energy blockage is being held. The client will be gently guided at their own pace to open and soften areas of resistance in their bodies. Various modalities will be used including healing touch, verbal reflection and sound healing to bring harmony and balance to the client.

Pricing and structure

Please note the initial session may run longer than 90 minutes as we create a foundation of knowledge and trust upon which to work together.

Session Pricing:

90 minutes @ $100.00 per session

Packages of 6 sessions are recommended and discounted so you have more opportunity to understand the work and can accomplish your goals.

6 sessions will be priced with one session free!

6 sessions @$90.00 =$540.00 with package incentive = $450.00

(You do not have to decide until you have received first session to make sure you feel in alignment with your commitment)

Welcome - I'd like to invite you to share my sacred space. Before you arrive I've spent  a considerable amount of time in meditation and prayer preparing for your visit. I invite you with my heart and higher self guidance to join me with a cup of tea or water. We will spend a considerable amount of time recording your health history and establishing mutual trust and respect so we are both clear what your goals are for our time together.

You will remain fully clothed when I transition you to the healing suite.  Once you are comfortably settled we will spend some time grounding and a prayer of protection will be said for the healing light of Christ Consciousness to join us in this work together. I will teach you a beautiful invocation, so that you might learn how to harvest the Earth's energy and direct Heaven's energy  to serve the higher purpose of restoring balance and harmony to your self and your soul. When we do this process you may feel the heart of humanity lifting in union with yourself! It is a beautiful practice.

I will use my higher self guidance, my intuition to observe your energy patterns and to help you identify where there is  some resistance in your body, where  dense or dark energies are holding you back from what it is you are wanting.  I will gently guide you at the pace that you are wanting to go so that we might move towards what you are wishing for yourself.  It is important for you to know that my work is client -centered and soul- directed! I will not be facilitating anything that you are not wanting or ready to receive.

Various healing modalities may be used such as verbal reflections,healing touch, aromatherapy and sound healing. These healing methods or modalities will be fully described to you so that you are clear about what it is I am offering and to make sure you are comfortable with the process before we start.  For example, some people are chemically sensitive and unable to benefit from aromatherapy, some people are not comfortable with touch or disoriented with sound.  No problem you are completely safe to express what you desire! I am hear to listen with my heart.

Once we identify where energy patterns of resistance are being held we will begin to open and soften the resistance. You will be fully aware of what is happening and are completely empowered to communicate what is happening for you in the moment. Furthermore, you will be able to take this experience with you and may chose to work on this knowing for yourself.

As the session closes I will express verbally or intuitively my gratitude and joy for the beautiful work we have completed together. I will look for new patterns of energy fields that we have accomplished and make sure your auric fields have been closed for your protection and well being.  You will have plenty of time to spend on the  table integrating this experience in your body, mind and spirit.  When you feel ready and able we will join together to discuss the discovery of your new energy being.  You may ask any questions or share any reflections as a result of our time together.



"Lisa’s greatest gift to me was the gift of her presence.  She listened with love and without judgment, she sat with me in silence, then posed questions that seemed to arise from a place of curiosity and acceptance.  She created a space, both physical and spiritual, where I could more easily find the answers within.   I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance." - Debra J. Rose

"I had a series of energy work with Lisa Greenspan.  The focus was my sciatica.  Yet I discovered so much more underneath the layers of pain that existed.  Lisa's knowledge along with her energy healing gifts helped open my mind, body and soul to places I hadn't thought of before. This brought me a great relief physically and mentally. Lisa is a tender and loving soul and I am full of gratitude for her to have these experiences." - Louise Owen